Riding for Boys

This page is for all you boys out there who love horses.  Boys are very welcome to join in with any the activities we offer. You could try:

Pony Club 

The Pony Club is the biggest equestrian youth organisation in the world. Both boys and girls can join, with or without a pony. At Valley Farm you can train for, and earn badges and internationally recognised awards for riding and/or horse care. We run Pony Club sessions every weekend.

Summer Pony Camp 

A fun activity filled week. How about you come with a group of your friends? Our wooden tents sleep up to 4. 


A great way to improve your muscles, strength and balance.  Boys are usually better at this sport than girls as it requires strength. Private lessons can be booked at any time, or it may be possible to join a group.

Cowboy riding 

No need to wear jodhpurs, you can ride in your fav jeans. A great way to live out those dreams of playing cowboys and Indians (no guns though). It is possible to join any of the regular lessons using one of our western saddles for an additional £6, or you can book private western lessons at a time to suit you.


A fast exciting game which is best described as a cross between rugby and basketball on horseback. Youths can play as mixed teams, but because the boys are often stronger the adult teams play in men’s or women’s teams.

Carriage Driving 

You can have a go at carriage driving on many of our activity days during school holidays or you can have private lessons to learn a bit more. This is Prince Phillip's favourite sport!


Never to young to start. Our weekend tots groups for children aged between 2 and 6 are popular with girls and boys. We also hold Tots rallies during school holidays.

Birthday Parties

There are several options you might like choose from for a birthday party.  A normal riding lesson, circus riding, team gymkhana games or cowboy riding, all followed by a party tea in our cafe. See our parties page for more info.

Loan a Pony 

Our pony loan scheme is for boys and girls. Loan a pony and benefit from riding as often as you like and free ponyclub sessions at weekends.  See the Livery and Loaning page under Services.

Cubs and Scouts 

We offer 'have a go sessions' for cubs, scouts and social groups.  If you think your group would like to have a go at riding, vaulting,  western, a farm walk to meet the animails,  or any of the other fun activities we offer, ask your leader to contact us. See our SCHOOLS page for a description of the options available to youth groups etc.

Why ride?

Learning to ride or learning about horses is not only fun, and a good way to meet other like-minded people, it could also give you more opportunities in the future.  Boys with a knowledge of horses could follow a career in the following: 

Household Cavalry, farrier, horse trainer, wrangler, vet, groom, jockey, stuntman/actor/extra, saddler/harness maker, horse dentist, riding instructor, show jumper, event rider, equine nutritionist, racetrack manager, polo player/groom, equine pasture manager, stable designer, fencing contractor, horse whisperer, historical re-enactment, livery yard manager, horse transporter, carriage driver, college lecturer, tack shop owner and probably more that we haven't thought of!!  

There are many physical, mental and emotional benefits of learning to ride. It improves balance and coordination and helps to develop fitness and muscle strength. It encourages responsibility and self-discipline and helps to improve self-confidence. 



Saturday, March 9, 2019


Training for Complete horsemanship, riding and care with Sue

Fun Show Jumping

Sunday, April 14, 2019


Class 1. Poles on ground. Class 2.


Monday, April 15, 2019


A fun day of horse based activities suitable for boys or gir


Tuesday, April 16, 2019


A fun day of horse based activities suitable for boys or gir


Wednesday, April 17, 2019


A fun day of horse based activities suitable for boys or gir


Thursday, April 18, 2019


A fun day of horse based activities suitable for boys or gir


Friday, April 19, 2019


Join us for a natter and a relaxing hack around our beautifu


Friday, April 19, 2019


A fun day of horse based activities suitable for boys or gir