Corporate Days

High-Jinks on Horseback

Activities on horseback specially tailored for social groups to enjoy a taste of riding in a fun atmosphere. All activities are equally suitable for both riders and non-riders. Ideal for Hospitality Days, Social Club events, Birthdays, Hen Parties, etc.

Team Gymkhana 

Two teams of riders with one patient horse per team, compete against each other, in relay races of the usual children's gymkhana games such as potato race, pole bending etc. Suitable for groups of mixed riding abilities. 
Suitable for anyone who enjoys a good laugh!

Size of group Min. 10, Max. 20

Wild West 

A chance for potential cowboys and cowgirls to get a taste of Western Riding. Riding on Western Trained Horses fitted with "Real Cowboy Saddles" the riders are introduced to some of the skills of Trail Riding, Roping, Barrel Racing etc. Equally suitable for groups of complete novices or more experienced English style riders looking for a taste of something different. Tuition can be adjusted to suit the standard of the group.

Size of group Min. 6, Max. 10

Circus Riding 

The chance to experience your childhood dream of being a circus rider, performing acrobatics on a galloping horse! It actually takes more than an hours training to work in gallop, so the participants will be working only in walk and trot, having learnt the preliminaries on 'Can-Can' the tin horse. Great fun for young and old. Especially suitable for groups of mixed riding abilities, as moves can be tailored so that each person can be as extrovert as they like. It is a great equalizer even if you have professional show jumpers and people who have never been on a horse before in your group!

Size of Group Min 10, Max. 20 (larger numbers by arrangement) 



We can offer a conventional riding lesson to groups who wish to learn the basics of English riding, or to develop their existing skills in riding or Show jumping. Also suitable for anyone wishing to do more than just a 'one off'. Why not make a regular booking for your group?Size of group Min. 6, Max. 10

Hotch Potch Activity Days 

Why not combine two or more activities, to make a half day, or full day, of fun? Larger numbers of people can be catered for by splitting into smaller groups. These groups can then participate in different activities simultaneously. Hotch Potch days can be customised to suit your group and can include tea or coffee, and lunch in the restaurant on site.

Size of Group 6 - 24 Price on application. 


We also run clinics for those who are interested in learning subjects in a bit more depth as well as just having fun. Our clinics are especially interesting to equestrian groups, riding clubs, colleges, equine students, or social groups who wish to learn about a particular equestrian sport or subject. Also ideal if there are people in your group who don't actually want to get on a horse. See our Equestrian Clinics page for more info.  



Mid Summer's Hack and BBQ

Sunday, June 24, 2018


Join us from 4pm for a leisurely mid summer ride out on you

Spring Dressage

Sunday, June 24, 2018


From 1pm. Fun, friendly dressage.

Group Hack

Sunday, July 1, 2018


Join us for a relaxing group hack around our farm in the bea

Adult Activity Day

Sunday, July 8, 2018


Join us for a fun day. 9am -4pm.

Working Equitation

Sunday, July 15, 2018


Open to Adults of all abilities.



Monday, July 23, 2018


9am - 4pm lots of fun horsey activities. Includes lunch.


Monday, July 23, 2018


Sorry this week is fully booked already.


Tuesday, July 24, 2018


9am - 4pm lots of fun horsey activities. Includes lunch.