Working Equitation Training & Fun Competition

Sunday, September 16, 2018
Open to Adults of all abilities. Working Equitation is a relatively new equestrian sport which involves accurately riding a course of obstacles designed to test the skill of the rider and obedience of the horse. It's great fun, and you can start at any level. Training session in the morning using the obstacles, we shall set them up, walk the course and of course practice on horseback. Competition in the afternoon 1pm start. There will be 2 rounds a speed round and a skills round. May finish a little later than 3.00 depending on the number of competitors but if you need to leave early let us know and you can go first! Valley farm horse £75. Own horse £50. Competition only rate. Valley farm horse £25. Own horse £15. Spectators welcome. Café will be open throughout for refreshments to be purchased if required. Please dress for the weather. This will be an outdoor event. English, Western, Spanish tack permitted, bitted or bitless, whatever your horse is most comfortable in. There will be a Best Turned Out prize up for grabs. Please call 01728 746916 to book

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