Wednesday, October 17, 2018
One to One lunging clinic. Hourly slots available from 10am. £35 per session. All abilities welcome, clinic will be tailored to individuals ability and aspirations. Learning to lunge well has many benefits for both the horse and handler. It allows the trainer to observe the horse in motion and assess way of going, soundness and gait purity. It can be used to help introduce poles, jumps and obstacles to the young or nervous horse. It's a good warm up or cool down for any horse. It helps to improve suppleness, strength of back and loin, tendon nd ligament. It helps to improve balance, rhythm, vertical and lateral flexion, and gait extension. It provides interest and variety for your horse's work. It is a progressive step towards longlining. Call the office to book your timeslot - 01728 746916.


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