Back in the Saddle

Our 'Back in the Saddle' sessions offer a client centred approach for adults who may or may not have ridden in the past, offering specifically designed progressive riding courses to support a rider's first steps into or back into the saddle. These are social riding groups with a novice group and an intermediate group.  

These sessions are usually held in our indoor school.  During better weather we sometimes use our all-weather outdoor arenas.  The riding lessons are for one hour, but for those who have time and would like to, we would encourage you to come to the yard before your lesson, to help prepare your horse, and to stay afterwards to brush off and chat to the others in your group. A member of staff will be able to help you with grooming and tacking up until you feel confident to do this. We have found that this can be very beneficial to gaining your confidence with the horses. If you would like to brush up on your stable management and horse care skills, we also offer stable management lessons. 

Special offer - Reduced price riding when you book a course.  (Conditions Apply, see below)

  • Do you remember the joy of being on a horse and forgetting all your worries?
  • Would you like to rekindle your relationship with a horse?
  • Have you been too busy to get around to riding again?
  • Do you ever watch other people riding, and wish it could be you?
  • Well now is a great time to 'get into the Saddle'.

If you are an adult who has never ridden before, but you think you might like to, we are able to offer lessons with exceptionally gentle well trained horses and patient instructors so that you will soon feel at home.

You can do it, and we are here to help you.

We offer several options to suit different people, all with the main aim of encouraging people to develop their riding skills and confidence, whilst improving their fitness and giving them the opportunity to progress within the equestrian sport of their choice. It doesn't matter what your previous level of ability was, or even if you have never ridden, we understand that you may feel a little nervous when you start, so we are here to help you every step of the way.

Each activity will run term times only, and is designed to be progressive.  We therefore encourage you to book for half a term at a time, and in doing so you will receive a discount. If there is space in a group, it may be possible to join in for a one-off session by paying the usual rates. Riders will be offered the option of working through BHS progressive riding tests. This can be taught and assessed as part of your lesson, allowing you to progress at your own speed.

To book 

For any of the courses all you need to do is book online or call the office on 01728 746916 .  If you would like to visit the yard and meet the staff and the horses before you book, you are very welcome to do so. We are open daily as a visitor attraction for anybody wishing to meet our collection of animals, enjoy our riverside ramble (with or without their dogs) or a coffee and cake in our Café.  There is ample free car parking. You can find more useful information for new customers on our online booking page.  

Special offer details:

We understand that adults can lead busy lives and that it is sometimes difficult to commit time to a new hobby.  This is why all our 'Back in the Saddle' courses allow you to be flexible.

If you book a block of 6 lessons, you will effectively be paying for less than 5 so it isn't the end of the world if you end up missing one.

If for whatever reason you can’t attend a session please let us know in advance, so that we can ensure that the horses get the correct exercise. 

When you book a course, it is not transferable to other people and cannot be carried over to another block of lessons, or be used as part payment for any other lessons.  

If you think you will be unable to commit to the course of lessons, it may be possible to join in for a one off session if there is space in a group, by paying the usual group lesson rates. See our lesson prices page.

Please note that courses may run for 5, 6 or 7 weeks depending on the length of the school terms. 

Wednesday 10am - 11am - Horse care and handling course - BHS Challenge Awards (Introduction to Silver level)

Come along to improve your knowledge and understanding of Horse Care and Handling. BHS members can work towards their Challenge award.

NEXT COURSE: starts Wednesday 27th February.  6 week course £90.00. Pay as you go £22.00.


Wednesdays 11am - 12pm Confidence Class

If you haven't ridden for a long time, or are a little nervous and would like to get back into it gently then this class is for you.  A small group lesson where you can relax and socialise with others while the kids are at school.  This is a progressive course to help you regain your equestrian skills and confidence.  At the end of the course, you can have the option of joining up for another course, or you could move into a different group.

NEXT COURSE: starts Wednesday 27th February, 6 week course £168.00. Pay as you ride £35.00 per session.

Wednesdays 1.00pm - 2.00pm Progressive Riding Course

For those who have moved on from the morning groups, and want to introduce some slightly faster work. 

NEXT COURSE: Starts Wednesday 27th February, 6 week course £168.00. Pay as you ride £35.00 per session.

Thursdays 10am - 11am Western Riding Group

This is a group covering a wide range of western riding disciplines and horsemanship. Ideally suited to those who can already lope, and would like to improve their horsemanship, and enjoy the challenges which come with western trail riding and games etc.  Our Western Riding page has more information.

NEXT COURSE: Thursday 28th February,  6 week course £198.00. Pay as you ride £41.00 per session.

Thursdays 11am - 12pm - Steady Neddie

This group is specifically aimed at those who like to take the pace a little more slowly.  This is a small, fun, social, group lesson including various games and activities to help you improve your riding.  For an additional £6.00 per session you can ride Western style or Side Saddle in this group if you prefer.

NEXT COURSE: Starts Thursday 28th February, 6 week course £168.00. Pay as you ride £35.00 per session.

Thursdays 12 to 1pm Groundwork Course

This is a non-riding group for those wishing to improve their horsemanship and ability to handle horses from the ground. The course covers various topics including, groundwork, in hand work, loading, lunging and horse agility, along with time to groom and pamper your chosen horse, in order to help develop a better friendship bond. You will learn to handle horses confidently, and work through exercises which are of benefit to the horse and to riders. 

NEXT COURSE: Please register your interest for this course

Thursdays  1.00pm - 2.00pm - Progressive Riding Course

For those who have moved on from the morning groups, and want to introduce some slightly faster work. 

NEXT COURSE: Starts Thursday 28th February, 6 week course £168.00.  Pay as you ride £35.00 per session.

Thursday 7pm - 8pm Social Riding group intermediate level. 

In our indoor school.

NEXT COURSE: 28th February, 6 week course £168.00 or pay as you go £35.00 per session.


For those of you who enjoy the social side of riding, you are very welcome to stay and chat afterwards, or pop into the café for cake and a coffee or lunch.

For those who have to dash off back to work you will be pleased to know you can make use of our showers if you wish before you leave.

What Next?

You can continue to repeat the courses for as long as you like, but as you progress in confidence and ability you may also be interested in taking part in our fun competitions at weekends, or becoming a member of the riding club based at the centre. You might like to join in with other lessons, hacks or activities. Some people enjoy it so much that they end up loaning or buying a horse from us. It's up to you. Just let us know and we can help you to realise your goals.



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